Top five haunted places I would love to visit.


As you all know at this stage I am horror obsessed. I love all things creepy and scary. I haven’t been to any haunted places but I do want to visit some! Paranormal happenings haven’t just been heard to happen or be seen in movies. There have been sights of paranormal activity across the world. Today I will be discussing the top five haunted places I would love to visit.

The Amityville House, USA

The Amityville House will always be linked with the Amityville Horror phenomenon. What’s this you ask?

Let me tell you.

On November 13th in the year of 1974 this house was a gruesome scene of mass murder. The Defeo family were murdered in their sleep by none other than their son/brother Ronald J. Defeo. A little over a year later a new family moved into the home but only stayed for 28 days. They told many stories of paranormal activity.

Scary right?

Alcatraz, USA

Alcatraz was a federal prison during the time of 1934-1963. This prison was not a facility for rehabilitation but a place of punishment. The building was full of the inexplicable. Many people that the energy of those who came to serve time on Alcatraz still remain. Many believe it’s a huge haunted site.

In 1976, a night watchmen heard clanging sounds but couldn’t find anything. Sounds of men running through the halls, women screaming were heard by visitors and night watchmen. Even when the prison was occupied by prisoners strange things happened.

Due to an infraction a prisoner was locked in a cell called 14D. As soon as he was locked in he bugun screaming saying some creature with “ glowing eyes” was locked in with him. No one took his screams seriously.

He screamed all the way into the night until there was sudden silence. The next morning the man was found dead with strangulation marks around his neck. After an autopsy the coroner confirmed it could not have been self inflicted.  It was impossible.

What is possible is a guard could have entered his cell and strangled him to stop him from screaming but it doesn’t explain what happened the next day. The following day when all the men were out for a headcount. Too many men were counted. At the end of the line of men, the man who had died in his cell was standing there and the suddenly vanished into thin air.

Catacombs, France

In the 17th century, due to overflowing and the poor conditions of the graveyards around the city. The government needed a fast solution to get rid of the piles of corpses. So they placed them underground.

It has been said that the spirits of the dead haunt the catacombs. Due to the vast size of the catacombs only a small portion of it is open to tourists. Throughout the years there have been tales of death and murders. If you travel into the unassigned tourist areas you can become lost and never find your way out they are that big.

Many tourists who have visited the catacombs have said they felt strange things, they felt that they were being watched and touched. Some have even said that they have felt like they were being strangled.

Eastern state penitentiary, USA.

The Eastern State Penitentiary was the most expensive building built in the us. It became the guide for the design of 300 other prisons. This prison was built to force the criminals sent there to look inside themselves and find God.

This prison has some horrific tales. Prisoners were locked up for 23 hours a day and when they left their cells a black bag was placed over their head so they would have no contact with any other prisoners.

Some of the punishments were inhumane. These included: the mad chair, the iron gag and the hole.

The mad chair includes getting strapped to a chair for days with no food and your left until the circulation in your body would almost stop from the tightness of the straps and because of no movement.

The iron gag was a deadly punishment. If inmates didn’t follow the no communication rule an iron collar was clamped onto their tongue and chained to his wrists which were strapped high behind them. Any movement resulted in tearing of the tongue and severe bleeding.

The hole was dug under Block #14. The hole was nothing but a pit in the ground where inmates would stay locked with no light and very little air.

One major paranormal episode occurred to a locksmith doing work in the prison. He had a massive force overcome him. It was so strong that he couldn’t move. Anguish faces appeared on the walls. Maybe two dozen paranormal investigations take place each year. Reports of weeping, giggling and whispering have been found.

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania.

Hoia Baciu Forest is the most haunted forest in the world. It has the reputation for intense paranormal activity and unexplained events. Paranormal activity such as ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions, faces appearing in photographs that weren’t visible to the naked eye and UFO sightings

Visitors report intense feelings of anxiety and the feeling of being watched. There has been appearances of mysterious orbs of light, female voices breaking the silences and giggling. Many have reported of being scratched.

What haunted place do you want to visit? Has anything paranormal happened to you? 

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Anne xx 

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4 thoughts on “Top five haunted places I would love to visit.

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary has been the site of so many ghost hunting series that I have to check it out one day. They even host a “haunted attraction” there during the month of October and it would be super fun to volunteer as an actor – who knows what you might encounter while waiting for your next group of human victims to scare!

    Hoia Baicu Forest….when the day comes that I am ready to be spirited away, I will alight with gleeful abandon into that spooky forest! So many wild stories.

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