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What made me become a blogger.

Hey lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be discussing the reasons why I decided to become a blogger. As of the 1st of May I began blogging and called myself a travel blogger. I love travelling but I feel travelling does not show my supportive side.
I have now decided I am also going to become a mental health blogger as this is of huge importance to me. I struggle with Depression and anxiety which is really difficult somedays.
I know what it’s like to want to stay in your pjs, not brushing your hair or doing anything all day and that’s okay! I want to help and support people who feel this way and also want to try and help people to understand mental health more. 
My plans for this blog is to  make a career out of it and be able to travel the world and also help people through their mental health road of recovery. 

Here are the reasons why I decided to become a travel blogger: 

My passions

From a young age I have always loved writing. I always had a pencil or pen in my hand. I had and still have tons of notebooks and pens all over my room. I have such a passion for writing and last year I also found that I loved travelling. After a lot of thinking and research I decided to try set up a blog. I love writing and I love travelling so why not make a new hobby and possibly a career out of this blog. I’m so glad that I have because it’s been amazing.

Show off the world

Our world is beautiful and amazing and I want to explore it all and show off how beautiful of a world we live in. So many people are interested in space and travelling the different planets but we have a whole world all around us that needs to be seen, experienced and loved just like the moon and mars! How can we explore other planets when our own has hardly been touched?

Document my travels.

As I began travelling I wanted to document my travels in a place where it wouldn’t get lost or deleted so writing posts of my travels on my blog to keep them safe and accessible to anyone whom would like to read about my adventures.   

Other travel blogs

I have been reading many travel blogs and they inspired me to travel the world seeing their beautiful, mesmerising photographs and reading there elegantly written blog posts of the wonderful places they have been to.  For example Goats on the Road

Inspire other people to travel

I believe everybody should travel the world. Soon I began to want to create content that would inspire people to travel the world and see what is around them. I want them to open their eyes around them and enjoy the world we live in.

Joining a welcoming community of amazing bloggers.

On twitter there has been an amazing community of bloggers who understand the struggles of blogging and are so glad to help anyone who needs some love on their blog, or to give tips and advice on any problems they have. As soon as I joined I was welcomed with open arms and became a part of the family right away. I finally felt like I belonged.

Why I’ve decided to become a mental health blogger

My own mental illness

Being a sufferer of depression and anxiety I have personal experience with mental illness so I believe I can write about this topic and give someone an eye opening experience into the mind of a person struggling with mental health. If I can open up about my own mental illness and my own road of recovery I hope I can help others to begin talking about the demons they may be struggling with alone.  


After the talk at blog at the beach by Vix Meldrew I asked my following on twitter what three words would they use to describe me. One of those words was supportive. I want to become a mental health blogger and be a support system for people who believe they don’t have anyone else. I want to write about my own struggles and hardships to show others that they are not alone.

Stop stigma towards mental health

Almost every person who has ever struggled with mental health has received stigma. I want to try and change that, I want people to become more open minded and understanding towards the mentally ill. Also I want to raise awareness against stigma and make all the sufferers of some mental illness or the other feel safe to be able to open up. So many people have no idea that you could be suffering because you become so good at hiding it. The closest people to you may never even know you have a problem.   

Abuse awareness

Abuse has been the main reason for my depression and anxiety. My life has been full of abuse and I want to be able to reach people and show you that things do get better once you tell someone. I want to raise awareness to everyone that abuse is happening all over the world. Yes people may be smiling, laughing and seemingly enjoying life but just remember no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. You never know what hides behind the smile on their face. The eyes tell the truth but many people don’t recognise or catch this.

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13 thoughts on “What made me become a blogger.

  1. I loved reading this, and I love how you covered both sides of your blog – the travel and the mental health aspect. You’re doing a great job, for amazing reasons, and I’m so happy you’re a part of the blogging community! 🙂

  2. I’m also a travel blogger and I totally relate with your reasons for becoming a travel blogger! I want to show to people how beautiful the world is, particularly to show the beauty of my country since I won’t be traveling to other countries in a while. And yep, the twitter community is amazing, isn’t it? Everyone is so supportive and I’m glad I decided to join!

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more about blogging on mental health! Our stories can be inspirational and motivational, even if sometimes it can be hard to open up. Keep showing your strength and help stop the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Wellness is more than the body and too often mental health is pushed under a rug, Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I’m glad you can see why I want to add mental health to my blog. It’s of huge importance to me and I believe to many other people too. Hopefully I would love to stop stigma and promote awareness towards abuse

  4. Welcome to the mental health blogger community. There are many people out there who need our support and anything we can all do to show them we care can make a difference.

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