Why school or college is not for everyone series: week two staring Kay.

Blogtober day nine: 

Welcome back to my blog! Today is week two of my brand new series why school or college is not for everyone. Before we get into the story of another amazing bloggers guest post, I should explain why I have decided to create this series. As we go through our school years the pressure to finish school with amazing grades and go straight to college. There is always so much pressure on students. Sadly I was one of them the past year. 

I was terrified that I would disappoint my family with my decision of not continuing onto 3rd level education. A lot of people won’t understand why I made this decision. Knowing this I decided to create this series to gather others who made the same sort of decisions that I did and where in life they are now. To show everyone that you don’t need a degree to be happy or get what you want in life. 

Let’s meet the next guest blogger Kay. 

Kay is a blogger at Kay At Home, she blogs about her life, including days out, travel, her love of films,  and as she has something of an addiction: crafts, especially crafts!  She also runs the Twitter chat #CraftBlogClub; a community of creatives and bloggers, meaning she is almost always to be found online!

why school or college is not for everyone

I’ve dropped out more than once!

I went to college, as you do, straight after school. I was studying Performing Arts and I did the first year, and a bit of the second, but ended up dropping out of that for several reasons! Mostly I was living on my own by 17, and full-time college was just a bit much. So a couple of months later I enrolled into a part time music based course, and had a job around that, but genuinely wasn’t given the same level of opportunity as a lot of people in the class, so I dropped out again(!) and started working full time. I wasn’t doing anything at college, and decided it was a better use of my time!

At this point I was 18, so you’d think that was it. But after a few years I went back to college and studied Psychology on a part time course (I actually finished that one!) and decided I’d work for a year, and apply to uni. I got in, I actually got accepted (some conditionally) by all the universities I applied for, and ended up going on to study in Bristol. After one term though, I dropped out again! But this was mostly for financial reasons, I couldn’t get a student loan with the course I was doing, and the hours I had to put in (getting up at 5am, getting home around 6:30pm) meant it was incredibly difficult to find a job around uni hours. 

I have no regrets though. While I was in Bristol, I met and became friends with the man I have now spent 8 years of my life with! 

After I dropped out of uni, I moved back to near my home town, I was in a relationship at the time. But as such things do, things ended. I was still friends with Stu, and about 18 months after dropping out of uni,  I moved over 200 miles to start a new relationship with him in Cornwall. SO I may not have a degree or anything, but without going, my life would be completely different! 

Isn’t this been such an eye opening post on why school or college is not for everyone? Thank you so much Kay for for sharing your story! I have really enjoyed working with you! If you enjoyed this post you should read week one of why school or college is not for everyone here


Do you love Kay’s guest post? You can find her here! 

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3 thoughts on “Why school or college is not for everyone series: week two staring Kay.

  1. I do agree, you are always constrained by the specific syllabus and have to run for grades whether you like it or not.
    Further nowadays more than the intellect it is perceived as your ticket to job and prosperity.
    History is witness how some of the remarkable invention was done by people who hardly had any such degrees.
    Having said that it is all about the personal priority.
    Thank you so much for bringing this topic to debate.

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