Why school or college is not for everyone: week six starring Carly.

Week six is here of why school or college is not for everyone! Today we are meeting the lovely Carly who gladly wanted to write this piece for me. Don’t forget to check out her blog and give her some love. 

Let’s meet Carly! 

Hi! I’m Carly, a 30 something, coffee obsessed, food loving mum of two.
I blog about beauty, gluten free food, my children and pretty much
anything else that takes my fancy!

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Let’s hear her story! 

I didn’t do too badly in school. I was just an average student but as much as I protested, I was forced to take the Higher maths GCSE paper. I’d spent 2 years with my best friend advising me on what the hell our teacher was on about. I was the thick kid in the top set. I asked, on more than one occasion, to take the intermediate paper but no. My witch of a teacher wasn’t having one of her students doing Intermediate!

So, low and behold, on GCSE results day, I was in tears, crumpled on the floor in a school corridor. I had failed Maths. I later found out I was only 1 and a half marks away from passing but it didn’t matter.

This meant I had one option really, do A-Levels and retake my Maths GCSE. Luckily I had good enough grades to do my A-Levels….. Not that I have any.

I went to 6th form for a grand total of 2 months.

I was doing English Language, Media Studies, Design Technology and History as well as my GCSE again. I was totally overloaded with work and I absolutely hated it! History had always been one of my favourite subjects but this was totally different. I had a teacher I disliked this time though and I think that made a huge difference.

Luckily I had a part-time job so I spoke to my manager about going full time and then spoke to my Mum about dropping out of sixth form. Everyone agreed so as soon as I had resat my math GCSE in the October I was done. I was working 40 hours a week at age 16.

The following September I had enrolled myself on a hair and beauty course at a different college.

By now I was driving and doing a nearly 40 mile round trip to college and back a day! I loved doing my course but I was back to working part time and it was costing me a small fortune to drive to college.

When I was offered an apprenticeship in a hairdressers I thought it would be nuts to turn it down. It was more local to me and I’d get paid! Ok, not a lot but I would get paid! So I dropped out of college after 6 months and started my 1st year of hairdressing all over again.

What a mistake that was…. Working in the salon was one of the worst experiences of my life! The bitchyness was unreal and I had just spent nearly 3 years working in a sports shop. I had no sense of style and God did they let me know about it!!

It’s safe to say, I didn’t last long there.

I gave up with trying to learn a trade and got a job in a pub. The next 8 years were spent working in different pubs in the area and I even got my personal license.

On the wrong side of 25, I decided that I needed to find a “grown-up” job and flitted between a few sales jobs for a couple of years. I was told twice that I was too nice for sales. That clearly wasn’t for me, I hated being pushy when people clearly didn’t want what I was selling!

Eventually I found a job as a Mortgage Administrator.

It was my job to make sure people’s mortgage offers went through before the deadline and making sure Mortgage Brokers maths was right…. Slightly ironic for someone who initially failed their maths GCSE!

I spent over 3 years in this role for 2 different companies and got paid really well for doing it! I only stopped because I had my little boy and the hours were too long.

I’m now working for a care company, in the office and working with disabled children. I’ve created my own role within the office and now I’m trained to train our staff! I do all the induction training, the moving and assisting and first aid training.

I think my story is proof that you don’t necessarily need qualifications to get somewhere in life. You just need a willingness to work hard.

It definitely does prove that! Hard work, dedication and motivation can get you anywhere you want in life. Yes it might take longer but you WILL get there. Thank you Carly for sharing with us! 

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Anne xx 

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2 thoughts on “Why school or college is not for everyone: week six starring Carly.

  1. I’ve known so many who’ve been to college and had nothing coming out of it. So many in my family state that you “need” college to get anywhere too. I never once thought it to be true, it’s all about trying your best and going for it. It being hard work, determination, the effort and pushing forward no matter what.

    The world isn’t easy nor does it really give us helping hands, but it tends to work out for those who keep on going. It’s hard.. But I hope people know they’ll make it in the end. You certainly did!

    – Brian

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